Manufacturing & Assembly

Norbar equipment is used by manufacturers around the globe, where reliability and accuracy are critical to success. Our product range is ideal for many standard assembly applications. Where your needs are more specialised we can work with you to design tooling that gives consistent results in your application.ag亚博

Oil & Gas

Norbar tools and instruments are now commonly used in the harshest environments on the planet. Norbar’s tools are currently used on refineries, pipelines, sub-sea and oil and gas installations of every sort, the world over.2021亚博最新


Our involvement in the transport industry starts with the manufacturers, and then extends through the life of the vehicles and rolling stock. We are also heavily involved with the infrastructure of transport, building and maintaining the road and rail networks.

Our commitment to you is to provide torque tools and instruments that are durable and maintain accuracy for longer than the alternatives, backed up by Norbar companies and distributors the world over.More»


Energy Generation

Norbar is closely involved with the power generation industry: from coal fuelled through to highly safety critical areas of nuclear plant and, more recently, the wind energy industry. As the industry changes the need for torque tools and torque measuring systems is also changing, and we have been evolving to meet these demands.More»

Energy Generation


Norbar plays a crucial role for many of the world’s aircraft manufacturers, airlines and space programmes, meeting the conflicting demands for unparalleled safety whilst keeping weight to a minimum.88亚博

Mining & Refining

Norbar’s primary involvement in the mining and mineral refining industry is to provide safe and secure bolting of assemblies, giving our customers the greatest assurance of safety and minimizing down-time. However, any job requiring the application of continuous high torque can be completed with Norbar’s pneumatic tools; for example, valve actuation and valve grinding.More»

Mining & Refining